skill park

  • Focus–skill based education
  • K3 < S is always the fulcrum of curriculum development
  • Curriculum to be industry driven
  • Education with purpose – providing capability to lead life
  • Participative learning – Students, teachers and industry participate in creation, delivery and innovation in every aspect of learning
  • Global expertise – Students get knowledge and skills both from a global perspective by involvement of global experts
  • Real time skill imparting – Workshops, industry guest lecture built and showcased by industry experts
  • Innovation is the key for identification and growth of students
At the driver seat
  • Industry will participate in deciding, modifying curriculum and delivering the skills
  • Industry will set up the required skill imparting facilities such as workshops, playgrounds, arenas and stages and drive the skill growth amongst the students
  • Industry will adopt, select and support the chairs of teachers – globally acclaimed experts in the institute
  • Industry will benefit from a continuous engagement with the students and get their requirements of skilled personnel and support student education at the institute for the selected students

Skill park provides a central source of standardized products, centralized cloud framework with two layers – Learning layer on public cloud providing access to all learners across the university colleges and research layer on dedicated infrastructure at the specialization centres. Each hub/ skill park provides features such as:

  • Industry-academia collaboration portal
  • Cloud based virtual labs

Each skill park comprises of various spokes (It can be universities, colleges). The faculty members of the university/colleges are trained through capability development program for faculty. Such certified faculty will further train the students. The students will be provided with the certificates after the completion of their courses.

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