CSI initiatives lead to Enrich, Empower and Employ

Collaborate: Industry and Education providers must collaborate to create meaningful curriculum, right training of skills, increase on the job and hands-on experiential learning quotient in education.

Share: Information on the job roles, job needs, matching of skills imparted to job functions. Increase transparency. Create objectivity in performance measurement.

Integrate: Create integrated management of education to employment activities of various stakeholders, involve youth in aligning the choices with employment opportunities, create trust between the employer, educator, and youth.

Our in-house products support educational institutions as well as individuals in the areas such as learning, learning management, content management, courses management, resources allocation and management, scheduling and events creation and attendance, attendance management, assignments and evaluations, certifications and grading, networking with the student and teachers groups, sharing of knowledge, information, career assistance, assessment and opportunity tracking etc. Overall we are positioning ourselves as the drivers in the journey from education to employment.

Content Management and Development
Content Management and Devlopment

Education Products and Services:- We are development and delivery partners of IBM in the area of Education initiatives of IBM, mainly it's ICE program. We develop content for domain and technical skills that is being used in the universities through IBM. The content developed are based on industry driven utilization of software application. We bridge the gap between the industry and academia on one hand and skill the youth for readiness to employment on the other. We engage ourselves in the education to the employment journey of youth. Till now, we have developed content in 50+ subjects that are of interest to industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas. The technology areas covered in the content development are- Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, IOT in addition to regular skills such as IT infrastructure, application languages including JAVA, Android, IOS, HTML etc. We have created more than 8000 Nano learning objects in these areas. Our content is delivered both online and off-line.

Added Industry Content to University Education in 9 advanced technology areas, 5 Industries and 24+ subjects

Created “Pearl of Skills” offering consisting of 8000+ Nano Learning Objects: 50 Industry based courses in

BFSI industry - 16 subjects

Healthcare - 5 subjects

Manufacturing - 5 subjects

Retail - 2 subjects

Oil & Gas - 2 subjects

Core technology areas

Big data & Analytics - 4 subjects

Web, Mobile & Social platform - 6 subjects

Other technology areas - 10 subjects

Skill Development Services
Skill Development Services

We provide training to the trainers in T3 model, we directly train students by way of webinars, seminars, projects, and internships. Our programs have benefited and continue to benefit more than 20 University colleges across the country and impacts not less than 5000 to 8000 students every year. We also have upskilling programs for already employed, where they would want to upskill themselves to avoid loss of jobs or achieve better growth or move from an interim job to a fruitful productive job.

More than 800 employees have benefited out of these programs which are mainly on Big data and Analytics areas. We also engage ourselves in the production of software and tools necessary to have a meaningful and continuous facility for all the above programs.

Successfully provided skill development training that includes online self-study, classroom coaching, experiential learning through labs, case studies, projects to students across 10+ universities in India, in partnership with IBM. Around 20000+ students got empowered with new skills in the above areas by enriching themselves with the industry-driven content and gaining a high level of skills. Further, directly the company has also engaged with 1000+ students till date in the areas of Big Data Analytics and Cloud through their own classrooms.

Employment Enablement Services
Employment enabled services

The gap between the industry needs and academia is ever increasing. On one hand, high levels of youth unemployment, and on the other, shortage of people with critical job skills, is a crisis facing every country. Matching the skills imparted by the education providers with the skill needed by the employers has become a big challenge. The entry-level jobs are either not getting filled or getting filled by interim job seekers who do not possess the skills needed for those jobs. Productivity is becoming a casualty, cost of training on the job is adding up to the loss of productivity and as a result, new avenues including that of a high level of automation is being sought out. The students often do not gain confidence and capability from what they study to face the actual world outside and become productive.

We provide placement assistance to students by interacting with industry players and positioning our skill-based learning programs within the industry. We provide assistance in gaining projects, internships, and, finally placements. In partnership with IBM, 99% placements for students of the universities have been achieved; Students have earned 30% higher salary than peers; increased productivity is seen. We also assisted 800+ students skill and 200+ employees to upskill and achieved 100% jobs or change of jobs to the right skilled areas in companies by way of direct engagement with students.