Our customers

Our customers

Proof of pudding is in its eating, goes the saying. Our story, that you have been reading through the web pages till now, might have given you a fair idea of how our pudding is baked. Now, in here, you will get the proof of pudding. We share here the story of our products and services as they are dished out to the customers and the works in progress with our customers. We are happy to also add few ‘pat in the back’ statements of our customers. Go ahead…. Bite into the pudding….

Our customers consumed till date…………

  • More than 50000 pages of textual content created by us for IBM
  • 40000+ Nano Learning Objects created by us
  • Coverage of 90+ technology and industry subjects
  • 42 industry areas
  • 36 emerging technology areas
  • 32+ universities served through IBM
  • Our knowbots and portal services have been provided on cloud to 3 educational institutions covering more than 3000 students and faculties. The same is provided both on web and also on mobile
  • Labs on all the subjects have been made available and in particular lab on cloud is made available for more than 10 subjects

We have provided skill development services………

  • 8000+ training hours clocked
  • 7000+ students benefited
  • Set up and run Data Analytics Center of Excellence for a leading university and a leading management college
  • Set up and run IOT Center of Excellence for a leading university
  • Set up and run Banking Digitization Center of Excellence

We are in the process of………

  • Establishing a Community Skill Park for a state government covering 164+ technology education institutes to provide certified skills with projects on IT, precision engineering and services areas
  • Providing rich content and portal for an intelligent solution for tax compliance surveillance by government
  • Setting up AI & ML Center of Excellence along with Data Analytics, Cyber Security and IOT Center of Excellence to a leading technological university
  • Providing lab-in-a-box (SCOE) offering to several education institutions in the areas of AI & ML, Data Analytics, Cyber Security and IOT on a model of complete ready to use solution covering hardware infrastructure, software, content, labs, training and certification

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