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Knowbots Solution

Knowbots is a Unique Content Driven Learning Management System (UCDLMS) with enhancements, customizations, and configurations to deliver a powerful, scalable and secure system, which will work as the web based learning management system for the client. Knowbots is available on Web platform and also as a Mobile Application both on Android and IOS.

LMS is the backbone of the comprehensive VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and can be used:

As the central content repository and gateway to the digital learning assets

To manage and provide access to eLearning modules

To create and assign interactive assessments

To upload audio & video files, documents such as PPTs and PDFs for the employees/ students

Key benefits of Knowbots solution

Based on open source architecture

900+ plugins available to enhance functionality

Multi device support to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning


Multilingual supports 86 global languages

Easier for learners to work and collaborate in groups

Powerful and secure

E-Commerce and payment gateway ready

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