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  • The Functional architecture of Knowbots showing the Virtual Learning Environment and shows all the types of files, delivery mechanism and integration to Virtual Classrooms and the Content repositories is given hereunder.


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  • Knowbots Self Learning Module: Student can sign-in into the knowbots, register for the course, and enroll in the required course.
  • Knowbots Teacher Driven Learning Module: The Teacher driven learning module is a hybrid of online and off-line teacher-driven learning for students.
  • Knowbots Continued Learning Module: The students who need to learn about the courses available in knowbots for their future/ for their employability then they can do so by subscribing to that particular course post their certification.

Student involvement

  • Once student registers, then student can view the selected course.
  • Access all resources linked to the course such as text or the presentations or any videos and learn the course.
  • Self-assessment exercises can be taken to assess the learning growth.
  • Assignments and Quizzes can be taken.
  • Assessment will be done once the entire course is completed.
  • The student action like duration of the courses taken to complete the course, no of assessments done, etc. are captured.
  • A student can also know about the status of their courses, their assessment results etc.


  • Discussion forum: Users can enable or disable the posts to be sent to their email. Users can subscribe to forum and involve in the discussions.
  • File exchange: Users can share the documents and submit assignments.
  • Email notification: Users can receive email notifications of the courses they have enrolled.
  • Notification: Users can also receive the notification in their dashboard for the event or courses they have enrolled.


  • User productivity features allow the educators to create interactive dynamic courses and content for their students, facilitates collaboration, resource access, assignments, grades, and others.
  • Calendar /progress review: Announcement can be made, user can view their grades on completed assignments, course grade and compare their grades against the class performance.
  • Searching within the course: If the user would like to search for topic within the course, they can do that.
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