Who We Are?

Born on 3rd January 2013

Focussed on Education and Healthcare Industries

Premium partner of IBM India Pvt Ltd

Individual is the Fulcrum of all our innovative solutions

Small but effective team led by Industry veterans and mentored by experts

At take-off stage after laying strong foundations in assets, services and revenue

Expanding to provide products that make a difference and matters to the masses. The products that act as change agents. Services to support the deployment of these products to a large customer base

We at Phemesoft develop software that matters


We do not hesitate to break the norm

We are not educated, are enlightened

We do not follow, we lead

We do not find, we are found

We do not search, we create

We unlearn to learn

We unleash our wild thoughts to wander

We do not wonder but to seek

We do not have a mould, we believe in imperfections

We do not seek the new but change the old

We are not commoners - we are Innovators




We disagree with the status quo

We test our capability

We tease our intellect

We do not manage, we fight for the right order

We do not live for another day; we are willing to die to live every day the way we believe it should be lived

We do not want to look nice; we love ruggedness

We work hard, smart and you name it, but we work

We believe in freedom – of thought, expression, and action

We have an attitude and belief – Freedom means to challenge and be challenged

We are not commoners – we are challengers

Worker Ants

We work methodically

We communicate without seeming to be communicating

We understand each other and their roles

We respect each others path, we follow where we want to, but also create paths for others to follow

We lend our hands to others when they seem to be needing it, without being asked and without being rewarded for the same

Working 24*7 is a matter of pride

We do not hold on to what we create, we know the food is for all

Some fall and fail on the way, but we continue to do what we ought to do after just a sniff and a tear

We are not commoners - we are worker ants

Worker Ants